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 Law Offices “Alekseev, Boyarchukov and Partners" offers comprehensive range of services in the sphere of taxation.
Our specialists possess significant experience in tax consulting, tax planning, cross border structuring, carrying out of complex tax and legal due diligences and thematic tax reviews of companies, liaison with the controlling authorities, taxpayers’ support during the controlling authorities' audits etc.
One of the key areas of our activities is representing clients in tax disputes under the court procedure. We also provide the clients’ support within criminal proceedings.
The cases managed by our specialists comprise, inter alia, appeal of tax notifications-decisions related to requalification of receivables assignment transactions into factoring, restriction of taxpayers’ right to VAT-credit and expenses in connection with transactions’ invalidity, carrying forward losses, VAT refund from the state budget. In some cases disputes amounted to tens of millions UAH. At that, as practice shows, our percentage of winning the cases in court is very high.
We propose individual approach to each client and creative ways of problem solutions. 


Law offices “Alekseev, Boyarchukov and Partners” has a great experience in legal support for doing business in Ukraine and also giving a legal advice to Ukrainian and international companies in wide range of questions that may arise during day-to-day company operations. 
Our experts provide legal assistance with regard to the following issues: incorporation and registration of legal entities of different organizational and legal forms; development of schemes of the most effective corporate governance;  drafting foundation and charter documents, internal regulations and instructions;  convocation and holding the meetings of corporate governing bodies (including, General Meetings of Shareholders); labour issues; issuance of licenses, permits and other documentation. Moreover, our legal support includes reorganization and dissolution of legal entities, transactions with securities and investment activity. 
Law Offices “Alekseev, Boyarchukov and Partners” provides services in the sphere of merger and acquisition (M&A) transactions at all stages of such deals, including development of effective strategy of the transaction; receipt of regulatory permits; legal support for post closing operations of the company. We also provide services on legal due diligence of companies with further issuance of the relevant report aimed at elimination or minimization of discovered legal and financial risks. Depending on client’s set goals our legal opinion may be prepared both in all aspects of company’s activity and with regard to separate issues. 
“Alekseev, Boyarchukov and Partners” has a long-term experience of rendering services in the sphere of corporate dispute resolution and prevention of force trespass (anti-raiding). 


 “Alekseev, Boyarchukov and Partners” represents one of the most experienced and successful teams in the sphere of a dispute resolution. All lawyers of our firm are professionals with a great experience of participation in different court proceedings, including, proceedings related to bankruptcy and financial restructuring,  tax disputes, disputes with regard to real estate objects, corporate, investment, labour and other disputes. 
 “Alekseev, Boyarchukov and Partners” has a brilliant experience of representation of creditors’ and debtors’ interests in cases on bankruptcy and debt restructuring and also an experience of successful cooperation with banks with foreign capital. Due to legal assistance of our lawyers a great number of non-performing loans with the amounts over hundreds of millions UAH was successfully returned. 
The company gives a legal advice to banks in the process of debt restructuring, property management after sale of collaterals, including, issues  on minimization of risks and expenses in the sphere of taxation.
One of areas of activity of “Alekseev, Boyarchukov and Partners” is debt collection from individuals, their property and financial sureties at the stage Legal collection .


Law Offices "Alekseev, Boyarchukov and Partners" provides a wide range of services in the sphere of criminal law, including representation of clients’ interests by our attorneys-at-law in the following instances:

Trial Court 

The trial court of the general jurisdiction is the most important stage of the criminal proceedings, since this stage provides for an opportunity to represent and justify the legal arguments in the court. Perfect knowledge of the legislation and the court system as well as a long-term experience allow our attorneys-at-law successfully represent the clients’ interests in court. While providing the services on representation of the clients’ interests at the trial court, the attorneys-at-law of  Law Offices "Alekseev, Boyarchukov and Partners" will attend the court hearings and set forth forcefully every argument and fact in defense of the client’s case, conduct critical examination of the pleas, arguments and evidences, deliver all necessary procedural documents to the court.

Appellate Court

If the trial court adopted illegal and unreasonable decision with regard to the client’s case, the legal services on legal protection and representation at the appellate court shall be useful to our client. Our attorneys-at-law will examine the decision of the trial court for its legality, validity and compliance with the relevant court practice, identify and select additional evidences, draft an appeal with embodying legitimate position on the case and further participate in the court hearings. 

High Specialized Court of Ukraine for Civil and Criminal Cases 

Examination of the case through the cassation proceedings is necessary in order to identify the violations of the current law requirements by the courts of the previous instances. The specialists of Law Offices "Alekseev, Boyarchukov and Partners" will determine and identify the legal grounds for modification or cancellation of the previous judgments. Our attorneys-at-law will prepare a cassation claim or present legal position on the case, attend the court hearings at the courts of the cassation instance. 


Criminal Practice Department also offers a number of unique services for your business, including:

Document Storage

Legal safekeeping of important information and documentation, protection thereof against unauthorized withdrawal or access.

Having handed over your documents to our attorney-at-law, you are exempted from any third-party claims (e. g. the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA), the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU), the Ministry of Revenues and Duties), and any responsibility.

Without your permission, the attorney-at-law is not entitled to transfer, to show, or to disclose the contents of documents he / she has been handed over.

You are provided with prompt access to the documents, and, when necessary, with the complete return thereof.


Attorney Investigations

- Tracing debtors.

- Support of criminal, economic and civil investigations.

- Collection of information and evidences.

Everyone might get into a situation when there is a forced necessity to find debtors with whom you have lost connection due to certain reasons, and our attorneys-at-law would help you to find the debtor avoiding you.

If necessary, our attorneys-at-law can render assistance in supporting criminal, economic and civil cases. Totally relying on governmental authorities in your case investigation, you might not get the desired result. In such situation, our attorneys-at-law can considerably facilitate advancement of the case investigation.

One of benefits of cooperating with an attorney is his / her right to obtain information and data from companies, organizations and institutions, based on an attorney's inquiry, within the framework of rendering services to the client. Our attorney-at-law would provide you with support in collection of the necessary information and evidences.


Arranging practical trainings and educational seminars on personnel preparation for an unplanned visit of MIA, SSU or Ministry of Revenues and Duties officials for the purpose of searching or other actions

The primary problem for working personnel and management is the difficulty of immediate reaction to a law reinforcement authority visit, and in making a correct decision on selecting one or another policy for interaction with law reinforcement authorities. Unreasonable decisions of leaders and failure to take coordinating measures in personnel management often cause aggravation of a conflict with law reinforcement authorities, and result in various negative consequences.

We offer you:

- Evaluation of the company personnel knowledge of the necessary actions during an unplanned visit of law reinforcement authority officials

- Acquisition of the basic knowledge on how employees should behave during a search or other investigative actions

- Defining the policy that should be followed in order to prevent aggrieving of personal interests and legal entity interests

- Arrangement of practical trainings favouring emotional and mental strength of the personnel in case of a real threat

- Possibility to stop illegal actions of law reinforcement authorities


Attorney’s services for V.I.P. clients 24/7

None of you can feel secured against accidentally arising problems which unfortunately never choose the exact time and place to occur. If you or your relatives have found themselves in a difficult situation, you don’t need to despair or succumb to panic. Simply dial your attorney’s telephone number, and you and your relatives will always be provided with qualified legal emergency assistance regarding any issues.

Regardless of the hours of the day, our attorneys-at-law are ready to attend an indicated address as soon as possible. Having an opportunity to call your attorney day and night, you will ensure legal protection of yourself and your family in any situation.

1. Upon a detention by law reinforcement authority officials under criminal or administrative cases.

2. Upon carrying out of various investigative actions.

3. Upon carrying out of an unexpected search.

4. Upon carrying on urgent negotiations.

5. Upon settlement of other conflict situations.

Our attorneys-at-law will be able to stop other actions directed against you, or to protect you from an abuse on the part of law reinforcement authorities.

Law Offices “Alekseev, Boyarchukov and Partners” is constantly acting as a legal advisor in the sphere of banking and finance. The firm has one of the most highly trained and successful teams in Ukraine in this sphere. Our lawyers provide services to foreign and Ukrainian companies both in complex projects as well as related to company’s day-to-day operations. 

Law Offices “Alekseev, Boyarchukov and Partners” is a leader of legal services market by the most successful representation of creditors’ interests in debt restructuring projects (in favour of large Ukrainian and European banks). The company has a proven experience of creditor bank discharge by means of debtor’s assets. Our lawyers also successfully represent debtors’ interests and have perfect experience of development of effective approaches to debt restructuring and restoration of debtor’s solvency by control over the bankruptcy proceedings.

Lawyers of “Alekseev, Boyarchukov and Partners” represent one of the most experienced and successful teams specialized in settlement of judicial disputes in the sphere of bankruptcy and debt restructuring. We provide legal support for procedures of solvency restoration, develop effective strategies of debt restructuring and represent successfully interests of our clients before courts.

“Alekseev, Boyarchukov and Partners” law firm gives effective legal advices both to creditors and debtors concerning development of the most reasonable schemes of restructuring of non-performing loans. Our law company has a wide experience of legal services to lenders (including, legal advices to creditor committees, developing and analyzing plans of financial rehabilitation and amicable agreements). The company successfully represented interests of major banks in a range of bankruptcy proceedings.

Lawyers of our company have successful experience of representation of debtors’ interests and are experts in development of effective approaches to debt restructuring and restoration of debtor’s solvency (in particular, by control over bankruptcy proceedings).

Law Offices “Alekseev, Boyarchukov and Partners” also gives advice to clients regarding prevention of force trespass (anti-raiding). 

Lawyers of Law Offices “Alekseev, Boyarchukov and Partners” have wide experience with such issues of Ukrainian competition law as concentration, concerted actions, abuse of a dominant position and unfair competition. Our projects in the sphere of antitrust law were successful in 100% cases (this experience includes also obtaining of permits for concentration from anti-monopoly authorities of Ukraine and legal precedents in the sphere of competition legislation).

Law Offices “Alekseev, Boyarchukov and Partners” has  great experience of management of complex and large projects in the sphere of economic competition protection.  Our practice comprises the following services:


·  legal advice for and obtaining of a permit for a concentration;


·  concerted actions and abuse of a dominant position;


· advising clients on issues related to protection against unfair competition (including, distribution of misleading information).


Law Offices “Alekseev, Boyarchukov and Partners” gives legal advice on a regular basis to owners, investors, developers, creditors and debtors concerning the questions arising in connection with real estate transactions such as purchase and sale, leasing and construction. 

Our lawyers have wide experience of work in the sphere of real estate purchase and sale, registration of title for land plots, protection of interest rights and real estate owners, financing and also development projects. 

Law Offices “Alekseev, Boyarchukov and Partners” carries out legal due diligence of purchased real estate, including examination of documents confirming title for land plots and other real estate, existing encumbrances, conformation of such documentation with legal requirements;  renders legal assistance in the process of registration of title for real estate; gives legal advice concerning  outstanding issues in the sphere of real estate and construction. 

The lawyers are experienced experts in land law and have excellent reputation in connection with successful supports of land purchase and sale transactions and representation of clients’ interests before courts within proceedings of real estate title protection. 

Law Offices “Alekseev, Boyarchukov and Partners” gives legal advice to clients concerning wide range of issues in the sphere of labour law: compensation and benefits payment, labour discipline and imposition of disciplinary sanctions, termination of labour relations, labour disputes,  collective labour agreements, interaction with trade unions, foreign citizen employment, execution of labour agreements, duty regulations and other documents governing labour relations at enterprises. 

The legal support of our company in the sphere of labour law includes carrying out of legal due diligences concerning labour law at corporate acquisitions and also conformation of policies and procedures of foreign parent companies with legislation of Ukraine for their application in Ukraine.