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Corporate Social Responsibility

During the last years our company has been developing such area of activity as a Corporate Social Responsibility. Due to our activity in the sphere of CSR Sergey Alekseev took the second place in "The most responsible leader of the legal business" nomination in Pro Bono Awards – 2012 contest. Business-case of Law Offices “Alekseev, Boyarchukov and Partners” “Socially-responsible law business as a key of foreign investment growth” was included into printed collection of Business Cases from “CSR Development Center”. 

  • Mini-Constitution of Ukraine

    In 2012 on the Constitution Day Law Offices “Alekseev, Boyarchukov and Partners” presented Mini-Constitution of Ukraine. As for today this is the only handwritten mini-version of the Main Law on post-Soviet territory with a size of 3x2 centimeters. Now the book is presented to Ukrainian State Museum of Book and Book Printing as an exhibit item. The project was initiated for drawing society's attention to the problem of ignorance of Law knowledge as an integral part of human life in legal state.

  • Foreign investors protection Center

    In order to help foreign investors to save their investments in Ukraine the company partners created All-Ukrainian public “Center of protection of foreign investors rights”. The first successful social project within the activity of the Center was publication of book “10 practical advices for foreign investor”. This book was specially created for foreign investors in order to indicate problems peculiar for only Ukrainian business and to help them not only to avoid investment loss but also to multiply investments whereby improving the economy of our country. 

  • Annual trip to skate park of Slavutych city

    Within charity work the company arranges an annual trip to a skate park of Slavutych city for young skateboarders. “Hook me up school bus” is a sport even oriented to support of young and talented skateboarders and also healthy lifestyle promotion. As the main way to achievement of results in skateboarding consists in trainings in skate park and communication with more experienced sportsmen, the objective of this event is to provide opportunity and conditions for children to improve their skills and abilities on special area under the supervision of senior friends. Our law company supports as best as it can all initiatives aimed at active and healthy lifestyle promotion. During two years more than 60 children from Kyiv and Kyiv oblast and also 10 the best decorated Ukrainian sportsmen, winners of Ukrainian and international competitions in skateboarding took part in the project. 

  • Research paper publication of the teachers of Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University

    On November 08, 2013 on the Day of 40th Anniversary of Commercial Law Chair of Law Department of Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University “Alekseev, Boyarchukov and Partners” published work collections of the most popular scientists of the Chair – Gratsiella Pronska, Ihor Pobyrchenko and Anatolii Pylypenko. All three collections were named “Selection” as they contain works of teachers published before, their lecture courses, Thesis for Candidate and Doctor of Law Degrees and also monographs that saved their scientific and practical significance till the present day.